Our little Strawberry was the first kid delivered by Luna. She hit the ground running, and never looked back. Tenderhearted but wild, can be found scampering through the woods on a daily basis. 


prince "The goat Formerly known as Petite PRince"

First born son of Queen Luna, LONG MAY SHE REIGN! This little man who roams the castle is the sweetest boy we could have ever wished for. Delicate, loyal, and full of joy. Greet him by presenting shin or fist to receive kind lil' horn butts of love.



Beautiful blue-eyed Nellie was the last kid to be born, wonderfully white like her Mother, and shyest of the bunch. Warm up to her, and she'll never leave your side.



Good ol' Bean-dog, a miracle baby who born 3-weeks premature, fought for her life and won. This barrel chested baby, is the only daughter of Lavaca, but an absolute treat to the farm. Since she is the only goat to be potty-trained, you can find her sprawled on the couch every movie night.