These goats are Nigerian Dwarf twin sisters. A breed originally from West Africa, they are perfect for pets and milking. Each goat will have unique color markings, complemented with individual personalities.--


Luna, DOB: 1/28/15, Eye Color: Blue

Endearingly named, "Luna Bear", she is the first born, and thus Matriarch of the herd. Her ears make a *fwop* *fwop* noise when she shakes her head. When she isn't busy eating, she's actually still eating, because she is eating all of the time, constantly, all day.  


Lavaca, DOB: 1/28/15, Favorite Food: Beer

The littlest mouth is the loudest mouth in this situation. Morning to evening, bleats are to be heard, until she receives a daily dose of cuddles. The way into her heart is through chin rubs, morning jogs, and craft beer.