Since 2011, several lovely individuals have tried building a sustainable lifestyle in Austin, Texas. Starting with an agricultural yield, we have transitioned into a milking program.--


Our Mission

To learn the best homesteading practices, so that we may build a sustainable lifestyle on a 1-acre plot. This information will then be used to educate others on a simpler way of life. We want to grow our own food, ride our own horses, and make friends with animals.

What We've Achieved

  • 1,750 sq. ft. annual garden, with veg production for five.
  • Permaculture designed system to support a tree orchard with a specialization for hybridized citrus.
  • Constructed a goat pen, goat tee-pee, and octagonal porch to support a herd of seven.
  • Cleared a horse corral to house two powerful ponies, and a beautiful mule. 
  • Native Texas pollinator to bring in our beloved bee friends 
  • Proud parents of the pig, the myth, the legend, "Notorious P.I.G."
  • Overall just some super happy kids living in the woods.